Enrolment Terms & Conditions


The signatory/ies hereto, hereby consents to the payment of the tuition fees according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract. Furthermore the signatory/ies binds himself/herself/themselves toStepping Stones Pre-Primary School CC as surety/ies and principal debtor/s for the payment of all monies which may be due and payable as a result of this contract.

No exception to the above will be permitted and the school reserves the right to refuse access to the school should any of the above payment options not be adhered to. The onus is on you, the parent/s/guardian/s to ensure that payments are made timeously.

It is agreed that fees paid in advance will be deposited by the school and held in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, with interest or other income therefrom to accrue to the school as income. It is agreed and understood that the non-refundable deposit be paid to secure a place in the school as against other potential applicants on the waiting list.


Any amount outstanding in terms of this agreement shall bear interest at the prevailing prime rate as charged by Standard Bank to its most favored clients plus three percent (3%) which may change from time to time.


In the event that Stepping Stones Pre-Primary School CC is obliged to instruct its attorneys, whether for advice or to recover any amounts outstanding, and regardless of whether summons is issued or not, the signatory/ies to the agreement undertakes to be liable for all legal/collection costs incurred on the attorney client scale.

A charge of R100.00 per incidence will be levied on all “refer to drawer” cheques, returned stop orders or other unpaid items.

Domicilium Citandi Et Executandi

That the signatory hereby appoints the street address as set forth above as his domicilium citandi et executandi, as well as the address for service of all documents and other purposes incidental to or arising out of this agreement.


The period of this contract shall be indefinite and may be cancelled by either party giving 1 (one) full term’s written notice (or (1) one full terms fee’s paid in lieu of notice.), posted by registered post to the postal address of the school. It shall be subject to any increases, which may occur from time to time. A term constitutes four full calendar months.


Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be determined by way of arbitration. Any such arbitration, shall be held under the provisions of current arbitration laws being enforced in the Republic of South Africa provided that, this arbitration shall take place informally and shall be chaired by a practicing attorney or advocate of no less than 10 (ten) years experience.


The signatory/ies expressly indemnify/ies Stepping Stones Pre-Primary School CC, it’s landlords, agents or employees from being held responsible or liable for any damage, death, illness, loss or injury, directly or indirectly, consequential or otherwise to the signatory/ies, his or her spouse and/or child/ren in terms of this agreement while engaging in any activity of the school while on the school premises or any other such place where such activities are engaged in.

Medical Emergency

In the event of an emergency we authorise the school or responsible staff member to employ the services of any emergency service, medical doctor, hospital or other competent person, any cost for such service will be borne by the signatory/ies.

Credit Checks

By our signature hereto we authorise the school to make contact with credit bureaus and other service providers for purposes of undertaking credit checks on ourselves.


By our signature hereto we, as parents/guardians, consent to the school disseminating our names and contact details only to other parents, staff or responsible persons engaged or authorised by the school for school-related purposes, unless at any time we instruct the school in writing to the contrary.

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