To Do List

Please make sure that you bring the following to school when you enrol your child:

  1. Signed copies of all the required enrolment documents. These documents can be downloaded here.
  2. The non-refundable enrollment fee – See Fees for information.
  3. Entertainment and Playball – See Fees for information.
  4. Development Levy – See Fees for information.
  5. A copy of your child’s birth certificate.
  6. A copy of your child’s clinic card.
  7. A photostat of the front page of both parent’s identity/passport documents and of any other adult that will regularly collect your child.
  8. A bottle of sunblock (30+ factor/waterproof) clearly labeled
  9. Compulsory Attire – School t-shirt + a school hat + water bottle + school sport and wet clothes bag + library folder  –  See Fees for information
  10. Compulsory Attire for sports day, outings and Beetle Derby – clearly labeled
  11. Optional extras include a branded school beanie and umbrella 
Please note: Both parents/guardians are required to sign all forms unless the parent is single or has sole custody/guardianship. Confirmation in this regard is to be supplied on request please.

Birthday Ring

Parents are asked to supply CUP CAKES only for their child’s group on their birthday. Parents are encouraged to attend the birthday ring that will be held especially for the child. Please contact the teacher to plan the date and time of the birthday ring. Families are encouraged to donate a book to the Children’s library to commemorate their special day. These books may be presented to the school during the child’s birthday ring. A sticker will be pasted in the book noting the Child’s name, the year and the special event.

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