Caring For The Total Child

At Stepping Stones Pre-primary School we are committed to educating and caring for the total child. The development of the young child falls into four major categories and we will strive to always consider each of these.

Social Development

In this sphere the child needs:

  • To develop an awareness of the needs of others
  • To develop communication skills.
  • To be able to interact with adults.
  • To be able to interact with his/her peer group.
  • To be encouraged towards independence and a sense of responsibility.

Physical Development

In this sphere the child needs:

  • To develop manipulative skills.
  • To be provided opportunities to gain control over his/her body.
  • To develop spatial awareness.
  • To develop hand/eye co-ordination.

Emotional Development

In this sphere the child needs:

  • To develop self-esteem and a sense of achievement.
  • To be encouraged to express his/her feelings.
  • To be provided with a secure environment.
  • To develop confidence.
  • To be able to cope with fears, anxieties and difficult experiences.

Intellectual Development

In this sphere the child needs:

  • To be able to grasp basic mathematical and scientific concepts.
  • To develop language and reasoning skills.
  • To be encouraged to learn through direct experience.
  • To develop concentration and listening skills.
  • To develop observational skills.
  • To develop creativity and use of the imagination.

We aim to achieve our role in the above regard by:

  • Being purposeful in all we do.
  • Practising good organisation and timely planning.
  • Offering a well-planned play and educational environment.
  • Offering a safe and healthy school environment.
  • Ensuring that daily activities are planned well ahead of presentation.
  • Offering a wide variety of activities in which children will participate.
  • Instilling positive values and norms in our children.
  • Assessing our success by ensuring our school is characterised by happy children and motivated staff who look forward to each new day together at Stepping Stones Pre-Primary School.

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