Let’s Work Together

Education is a relationship between parents’, teachers’ and children. We encourage all parents to become actively involved in their child’s/ren’s schooling. There are many areas that require positive input from you, the parents.

Parent Teacher Association

 The PTA is very important as through this association, parents and teachers establish stronger relationships. We also raise funds through fun outings and activities to better provide for all our children’s needs. Friendships are made and rewards are reaped. Become a part of the best PTA in SA! Last year there were several very successful events organised by the PTA. PTA Family Get-Together Sports’ Day and Beetle Derby Art Auction    

Class Parent

 We ask either a mother or father to volunteer to act as liaison officer for a specific class of children. This person’s role is vital to maintaining caring and positive relationships with all children and parents, in each class. You encourage parents and children to get together outside school hours.The bonds formed at this level should last a lifetime. You encourage parents to help make our school a better place through volunteering their services orskills to the school as and when required. You ensure that families in need are nurtured. You look after your class teacher. You help to enrich your child’s educational experience by initiating bonding events with children in the class.    

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